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Substantial Savings on your Energy Bill

Energy Savings

If you are fortunate to own commercial property you will find major energy savings on your current energy bill. Often residential occupants are working throughout the day, which means they are not utilising the solar energy generated.

In the case where there is no battery bank, the solar energy must therefore be sold back to the grid, and these prices have reduced over the years.

Solar Benefits

Commercial solar is particularly beneficial, because, unlike residential property, you are using energy throughout the day when the solar panels are generating the energy. This means larger savings for you.

Auswide Solar have modelled the cost savings, and with our expertise, we often save our commercial customers up to 75% on their current energy bill using the power from the grid.

Example of the cost savings

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the payback period?

A payback period when speaking about solar energy, is the approximate period it will take whereby the initial cost of the solar system, is paid for by the energy savings in switching to solar.  This period is between 2-3 years. 

Will I receive a return on investment if I switch to solar energy?

Yes. The Return on Investment (ROI) is another measure of the efficiency of your solar investment. Imagine you invested $100 today and received $300 in return. The ROI would be 200%.  At Auswide Solar we will provide you a customised model on your ROI when switching to solar energy.

What are the generous Government Incentives I will receive when switching to solar energy?

The Australian Government is committed to reducing the carbon footprint in it’s commitment to global fossil fuel emissions.  This is good news for our clients who choose to switch to solar energy.  The government rebates are substantial and you will find a significant portion of the cost of the solar system, is in fact subsidised by the Australian Government.  At Auswide Solar, we will determine the Government Rebate for you.

Is switching to solar energy also an investment?

Yes. Switching to solar energy is an excellent investment.  If at any time in the future you wish to sell or lease your commercial property, yoau are able to increase the attractiveness of the sale or lease by demonstrating the significant savings in switching to solar energy

What will be my rate of return on cash invested?

The Rate of Return on Cash Invested (or Internal Rate of Return) is the annual compounded rate of return that the cash flows bring based upon the net cash invested in the year of installation. Think of it as the interest rate that a term deposit would need to provide to match the returns on your solar investment.  As a valued client, we will work out your Rate of Return on Cash Invested.

Does Auswide Solar provide a competitive, transparent quotation, including all costings?

Yes. At Auswide Solar we will be upfront in all our costings, including all the components of the solar system, including engineering design, rails, solar panels, inverters, and full installation through to final certification by our Accredited Installers.  There are no hidden costs.

Are there any Tax benefits available when switching to Solar?

Yes.The Government had instigated a $150,000 asset write off for Australian business. This means your investment in solar can be claimed as an instant tax deduction before the 30 June end of financial year period, giving you an incentive to act now.

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