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Premium Solar Panels

At Auswide Solar we pride ourselves on using only world class solar panels and inverters, with 25 Year Warranty Periods.

These solar panels are built to last and endure Australia’s hot rugged environment.


Premium Inverters

Our world class premium go-to inverters are Fronius and Goodwe Inverters which are trusted brands.

These inverters are built to endure Australia’s rugged environment and are built to last.


What Auswide Provides with our Services

Final Certification

At the end of the solar installation, we will provide certification confirming that the system has been installed, tested, and is operational to all relevant codes and Australian Standards.

Solar System Report

As part of our service to our customers, we will provide a report on the anticipated costs savings by transferring to a solar system as an alternative energy source.

We offer a sample report which provides an indication of the likely savings that can be made by transferring to a solar system. Just ask us now!

Synergy & Western Power Approvals

At Auswide solar we obtain the necessary synergy approval, visit your site to determine the current energy connections, and create a connections diagram to Western Power for their assessment and approval, which is a necessary step in connecting solar to the energy system.

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